Friday, May 30, 2008

New Cousins on the blog

Good to see more cousins have joined us - Chris, Debbie, Ethel, Fred and Mary Linda - all William & Polly descendants. Please post what you are up to in your research efforts when you have time.

So far William & Polly descendants are in the majority here but there are 3 of us who descend from Mathew and Rebecca. As William was 15 years older than Mathew most of the descendants in the two branches in today's same age group are 1-2 generations removed. For example Carolyn and I are the same "Monroe generation" coming down from Johnson and Amelia as Chris & Mary Linda's Grandpa Presley Monroe (b. 1903). Presley, Carolyn and I are all ggg-grandchildren of Johnson & Amelia. Does this mean the Monroe/Hooper genes Carolyn and I have are "less diluted" than those of Chris and Mary Linda? Probably not but it may explain when some William descendants see me they say "you look like ....". Charlotte Dorsey told me I looked like her aunt Mary (Presley's daughter). Is this why I so enjoy looking at pictures from other branches of the family? I know sometimes I see them and think I see a resemblance to myself or others in my branch.

Here is a photo of my mother Eleanore. She is a gg-gdaughter of J & A. She is about 21 years old here. Does she look like anyone you know?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Does anyone know where Marion Collins and Polly Monroe are buried?

Monday, May 26, 2008

How to Comment & Hello Ginny

It's easy to miss but below each post there is a place that says "comments" and the number of comments so far. If you click on "comments" you can read what is there or you can add a comment of your own. If you want to start a new subject please start a new post rather than comment. Also you can add "labels/tags" to your post. They can be searched on later.

That said... I'm glad to see Ginny on the blog. Like me, Ginny and her sisters used to attend the Monroe reunions in Riverside Park in Wichita. Ginny's granddad Roy Hooper Monroe (s/o Wm Olney, s/o M. Hooper, s/o Mathew H) would always bring the baseball equipment. We had some great games back when! Good memories.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello from Topeka, KS

I am new at this "blog" action also. It might be fun to just get to know one another. I am a granddaughter to Roy Hooper Monroe. Lyn has done a fantastic job of our family tree. She is fantastic. We also all need to get together for a family reunion. What do you say?

My cat Allie

Technically this isn't Monroe research but Allie has been with me for 17 years so to me she is family. Her time to leave is very near. I've asked her to hang on until Tuesday so I can take her to the vet who will help her along her way to be with her sister Kate. Kate left us last August. I'm not sure Allie can wait that long. Even the Humane Society (of which I am a member) is closed until Tuesday so if she goes before then I guess I'll just have to make her body as respectable as I can until Tuesday.

Allie has been slowly starving herself. Yesterday I don't think she ate anything but she did drink water. Today she hasn't eaten. Nothing I try to feed her tempts her. Most of her life she weighed about 15 pounds. I think she is less than 10 now. It's really difficult to watch this transition she is going through.

I guess I shouldn't be so sad. Allie's had a good life. She never wanted for love or food or shelter. She and Kate were such good buddies. They were feral foundlings - only a few days old when found and neighbors of mine raised them on baby bottles and formula until they came to me. Since Kate left us (age 16.5) Allie has not eaten well. Part I'm sure was just getting older (the vet said nothing was wrong with her except her age) but I think part was that her sister Kate was no longer with us. I miss Kate terribly and now Allie is ready to join her it makes me ever so sad. But... they belong together and it's time...